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Coon Valley Cooperative Telephone Association Inc. offers both residential and business telephone services in Menlo and Nevinville.

Our phone services are available for an affordable monthly rate, and we offer a wide range of optional features to make your telephone service work to y

our needs.

If you get our fiber internet service, residential phone service is automatically bundled with it. If you're interested in more information on our fiber internet service, click here.

If you would prefer to just get our phone service by itself, that is also an option in Menlo and Nevinville.

Residential Telephone

$ 20.00
Monthly rate, plus fees & taxes

Business Telephone

$ 22.50
Monthly rate, plus fees & taxes

Optional Features

Here is a list of some of our calling features you can get with our phone service. For more information about how that service works, click on it.

If you’d like to add any of these features, call the business office at 641-524-2111.

This feature will alert you when you’re using the phone and someone else is trying to reach you. When this happens, you can put the first call on hold in order to answer the second call. You can then alternate between the calls if you need to.

This service allows you to transfer incoming calls to another telephone line where the call can be taken or a message can be left.

This allows you to add a third party to an existing telephone conversation, allowing the three parties to speak together.

With speed dialing, you can add frequently dialed numbers to a list where you can quickly dial the number by simply dialing a two-digit number instead.

Caller ID will allow for your phone to automatically display the name and/or number of the person trying to call you. This is useful in deciding if you’d like to take the call at that time or not.

This is a feature that will allow you to receive audio messages in a “voice mailbox” where they can be played back to you at a later time.

Fees & Optional Add-Ons

All prices are monthly, unless otherwise stated

Regulatory Fees

  • Subscriber Line Charge - $6.50
  • E911 - $1.00

Optional Add-Ons

  • Battery Backup - $2.95
  • Distinctive Ringing - $3.00
  • Voicemail - $3.50
  • Phone Rental - $0.50
  • Wire Maintenance - $0.50

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