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High-Speed Fiber Internet Service

Coon Valley Telco stands as a trusted provider of world-class, fully redundant broadband service, leveraging our extensive fiber network. Our commitment to reliability is reflected in our impressive 99.99% uptime, ensuring your connectivity is never compromised. With same-day customer support, we’re always ready to assist you, enhancing your overall broadband experience.

Our fiber internet service outpaces DSL and coaxial cable, delivering superior speed, extensive carrying capacity, and unmatched dependability. Whether for your home or business, count on Coon Valley Telco for the fastest and most reliable broadband experience. Trust us to keep you connected with the world at the speed of light.

High-Speed Internet Packages

Popular Monthly Packages

At Coon Valley Cooperative Telephone Association, we offer fiber high-speed internet to the Menlo, Diamondhead, and Nevinville communities, in addition to portions of Stuart.

For customers in the Stuart, Orient, Creston, and Cromwell communities we offer wireless internet service plans. You can view more information about those services by clicking here.

Our high-speed internet service offers great advantages to you, such as:

All plans include equipment and managed wifi
Taxes are additional
Additional Options:

SecureIT Plus Antivirus – $7.95 / month

Static IP Address – $10.00 / month

50/50 Mb Plan


100/100 Mb Plan


200/200 Mb Plan


300/300 Mb Plan


400/400 Mb Plan


500/500 Mb Plan


Bundle and Save!

Internet and Local Phone Bundles

25/25 Mb Plan


Other Speeds

50/50 $93.90
100/100 $113.90
200/200 $153.90
300/300 $183.90
400/400 $213.90
500/500 $253.90