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For over two decades, Coon Valley Telco has been a leader in wireless internet solutions, providing reliable, high-speed connectivity across our service areas. Our seven strategically placed tower sites, equipped with the latest technology, form the backbone of our robust wireless network.

Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has seen us grow from a modest start-up to a premier provider of wireless services. With a range of internet speeds tailored to suit various user needs, we ensure that our customers can stay connected and enjoy seamless online experiences.

While signal strength, influenced by factors such as distance from the tower and physical obstructions, can impact the speeds we deliver, our dedicated team works round the clock to optimize network performance. We continuously invest in equipment updates, process improvements, and emerging technologies to enhance our service quality.

At Coon Valley Telco, we attribute our success in the ever-evolving tech industry to the trust and loyalty of our customers. As we forge ahead, our focus remains on offering the best wireless internet solutions, underpinned by a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction. Our journey is a testament to our technical prowess, customer-centric approach, and our promise to deliver efficient, reliable internet services.

Wireless Internet Packages

Popular Monthly Packages

At Coon Valley Cooperative Telephone Association, we offer wireless internet to a wide service area, including but not limited to the Stuart, Orient, Creston, and Cromwell communities.

For customers in the Menlo, Diamondhead, and Nevinville communities, and portions of Stuart, we have fiber internet service plans. You can view more information about those services by clicking here.

Our wireless internet service offers great advantages to you, such as:

All plans include equipment and managed wifi
Taxes are additional
Additional Options:

SecureIT Plus Antivirus – $7.95 / month

Static IP Address – $10.00 / month

10/2 Mb Plan


50/5 Mb Plan


100/10 Mb Plan